Janse Capital is one of Europe’s preeminent venture firms that builds and scales companies

Janse Capital is one of Europe’s preeminent venture firms that builds and scales companies

Janse Capital

Through our continual pursuit, and deep understanding of the global economy and financial markets, along with acting as an industry leader in distributed ledger and financial technologies – our experienced team of sophisticated technologists and investors have built great portfolios, strategic partnerships, and a distinct track record of success through services which are inclusive but not limited to: early and late stage traditional industry and technology investments, wealth management for private clients, curated market and research analysis, specialised consulting for companies preparing initial public offerings and premium solutions for all areas of cyber security.



Our team operates through a culture that synergises radical truth and transparency together with our unique ‘coal face’ approach. This allows us to continuously research the market securing promising business ventures in various sectors. The short listed ventures undergo the process of further due diligence and evaluation, after which we help further accelerate and crystallise their market value by providing go-to-market entry strategies, management consultancy, and strategic partnerships to ensure a sustainable revenue stream.

As we continue to strengthen and accelerate our rapid growth through expanding in strategic locations as The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and The United States of America. Janse Capital is driven to become a global catalyst to provide investors and companies the opportunity, knowledge, resources, and results that will continually push the boundaries of what is possible. 

A large majority of the projects Janse Capital supports are through semi-liquid investments diversified between an exclusive array of hedge funds and private equity

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